Boat tour at sunset

Boat tour at sunset

Boat rental – Tour Porto Palo / Selinunte

The site of the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, occupies a quiet isolation in a remote corner of the coast about 30 miles east of Mazara del Vallo.


Experience panoramic by sea

  • Starting point: Porto Palo di Menfi.
  • Points of interest: Solette, Riserva orientata del fiume Belice, Temple of Selinunte.
  • Starting time: 17.30
  • Time of arrival (at Porto Palo): ore 21:00
  • Minimum 8/ max 10 peoples
  • On-board services: toilets, outside shower, drinking water, snorkelling equipment, jackets for children and adults. Possible beach towel on reservations.
  • Possible to follow a guided tour by appointment.

For further information and reservations, please send an email to