Sea Life Discovery Excursion

Sea Life Discovery Excursion

Tour to sea life discovery

  • Duration: 6 hours (maximum)
  • Points of interest: between Sciacca and Mazara del Vallo up to 12 nautical miles.
  • Starting point: Porto Palo.
  • Time of departure: 6:30/7:00
  • Time of arrival (at Porto Palo): 13:30/14:00
  • Price: to be agreed.
  • Participants: maximum 8 people (children must travel with an adult).
  • Breakfast and lunch on board with appetizers, pasta with fish and finally fresh fruit.
  • Toilet, shower, life jackets, snorkeling masks.
  • On request: guided dives.
  • On request: English-speaking tour guide.

The tour is perfect for those who are interested in discovering the beauties that the “mare nostrum” doesn’t show from the shore. It is a guided tour in the heart of the Mediterranean where the fishing tradition has deep roots.

You will have the opportunity to observe tuna and swordfish nearby large shoals of sardines, as well as turtles and sunfish. Sometimes it’s possible to spot cetaceans such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, common Dolphins and in exceptional cases large whales that will turn the trip into a unique and unforgettable experience!

The excursion will take place in the waters off the west coast of Sicily, between Sciacca and Mazara del Vallo, up to 12 nautical miles (limits of international waters).

A team of fishery experts and marine biologists specialised in the ecology of cetaceans will guide the excursion.


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